Call for Papers – Transit-Oriented Development @ 25

Call for Papers – Transit-Oriented Development @ 25

Journal of Planning Education and Research
Focus Issue Topic: Transit-Oriented Development @ 25
Peter Calthorpe’s book, The Next America Metropolis: Ecology, Community and the American Dream coined the term Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in 1993. 25 years later the term ‘TOD’ generates over 9 million hits on Google and 450,000 results on Google Scholar. This focus issue, both reflective and prospective, seeks articles that examine how the concept evolved and has affected the urban planning profession across the United States and the globe.

We would like papers that address the following topics:
• Evolution of TOD as a planning concept
• Travel behavior
• Affordable housing
• Real-estate values
• Community engagement
• NIMBYism
• Gentrification
• Environmental impacts
• Economic performance
• How TOD has become part of planning pedagogy
• Critiques of TOD
• Any other interesting topic that relates to TOD
We encourage authors to reflect on TOD’s lessons, implications, prospects, and larger societal concerns.

Important Dates
September 1st, 2017: Abstract submission deadline (300 words directly by email to Guest Editors who will encourage or discourage submission of a full paper within one week)

December 31st, 2017: Full-length article submission deadline for invited papers

Paper submissions
We welcome original, high quality papers on the theme of TOD@25. When preparing your manuscript, please follow the

Manuscript Submission Guidelines at…

Please submit your paper online at: Please state “for focus issue on TOD@25” in your cover letter.

Please address correspondence regarding this focus issue to the Guest Editors:

Dr. John Renne, Florida Atlantic University,
Dr. Bruce Appleyard, San Diego State University,

Send other queries to


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