Spatial Transformation and Cities – Johannesburg

Spatial Transformation and Cities – Johannesburg

SAPI proudly announces that the partnership between the City of Johannesburg and SAPI has been taken to a new level to give form and content to the City’s Development Planning Forums. Policies, strategies and scales of development will be discussed by planners and practitioners within the built environment. Planners in the private and public sector who attend these sessions will gain new insights and share knowledge on policies and new strategies. All individuals who attend the planned forums meetings will earn Continuous Development Points as approved by SACPLAN, the Planning Regulator.

The inaugural Development Planning Forum meeting will focus on bulk development contributions in municipalities – the current national legislation (Draft Municipal Fiscal Powers and Functions Amendment Bill) and the City of Johannesburg Draft Development Contribution Policy.

The City of Johannesburg Development Planning Department is responsible for setting out the City’s future development trajectory. It is the primary decision-maker of the location, type and scale of development that takes place within the City.  Its strategic urban planning and development management mandates are underpinned by a world class spatial information system, which is of great service delivery value to the Council, the development industry and the public at large.

In pursuit of its mandate, the Department is mindful of the need for active participation and engagement with the Joburg’s development community to discuss strategic planning issues that will shape the development of the city, within the directive and deliverables of the City, as bounded by the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act 2013 (Act 16 of 2013), as well as the Integrated Urban Development Framework, National Spatial Development Framework, the African Agenda 2063 and the New Urban Agenda. Thus, the Department is hosting the Development Planning Forum as a platform to engage and collaborate with professionals in the development sector, to find solutions together and drive development of Johannesburg. This will contribute towards achieving the City’s vision to attract investment towards achieving economic growth that will reduce unemployment.


Development Planning Forum meetings of the City of Johannesburg will earn Continuous Development Points as approved by SACPLAN the Planning regulator.