Institute of Housing and Urban: Development Studies (IHS) is offering the following short courses in 2015.



Attached with this email are complete details on these courses for your consideration. Please do let us know your interest in applying or nominating candidates for these courses at the earliest as the deadline is approaching soon.


Netherlands Fellowship Programme is available for 


these courses for the 


2015 intake


, for candidates that are looking at fellowship options.




Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies


  (Institute of Housing and Urban Development

offers specialized post graduate education, training, advisory services and applied research in the fields of urban management, housing and urban environment with the mission to develop human and institutional capacities to 

reduce poverty and improve the quality of life in cities. 




Short courses at IHS, The Netherlands  in 2015 




Green Cities for Eco-efficiency 2015

Duration: 3 weeks – March 2015 to April 2015

Tuition fee – E 2,750

· Concepts and strategic systemic approaches to green cities

· Spatial Development for Green Cities and Urban Containment: tools, techniques and policies 

· Transport, buildings and Energy Approaches for Green Cities: Netherlands and International experiences

· Greening of Urban Services in time of water extremes: water supply, Sewerage Treatment, Drainage, and solid waste

· Green Financing and green economy


Sustainable Local Economic Development 2015


Duration: 4 weeks – April 2015


Tuition fee – E 2,750

· Increased knowledge about SMEs and their role in the local economy.

· Analyse the local economy and value chains in which local enterprise agglomerations and clusters are inserted

· Analyse policies and develop instruments that support local businesses.

Developing Social Housing Projects 2015

Duration: 4 weeks – 

November 2015

Tuition fee – E 2,750

· Housing policy – Social housing context in Netherlands

· Housing need assessment tools

· Financing social housing and cooperation with public and private partners

· Technical and management aspects of social housing

Urban Management Tools for Climate Change 2015

Duration: 4 weeks – June  2015

Tuition fee – E 2,750

· Introduction to Climate Change and Vulnerability

· Climate change adaptation: Land, water and disaster management

· Climate change mitigation: Energy, transport and carbon markets

· Local climate change action plans

IHS is proud to announce that this course is jointly developed with UN-HABITAT.


Eligibility :

1. To have at least a bachelor’s degree from a recognised university or similar institute in a field related to the chosen course.

2.Be a professional with at least two years' relevant work experience.


About the Netherlands Fellowship programme


Fellowship from the Dutch Government: Once a candidate receives an Provisional Admission letter, he can apply for the Netherlands Fellowship Programme through

an online process. If the candidate is eligible and meets the criteria according to the 

fellowship awarding body, he/she is awarded

a fellowship which covers travelling costs, accommodation, 


ir tickets, visa, tuition fees, etc. For more details on NFP fellowship kindly visit  

Request for nominations /references : 

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course. We would request you to send us the following details of your nominee:





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Total work experience (in years) :

Please send us the following documents along

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Documents required:

Bachelor / Masters degree certificate
Bachelor / Masters degree transcripts (mark-sheet)

Passport copy
Letter of Reference


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Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, The Netherlands  
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