NRF- TWAS Doctoral and NRF TWAS African Renaissance Doctoral call for 2018

NRF - TWAS Doctoral Scholarships
NRF - TWAS African Renaissance Doctoral Scholarships
Call for 2018
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The National Research Foundation (NRF) and The World Academy of Science (TWAS) are pleased to announce the NRF - TWAS Doctoral Scholarship and the NRF – TWAS African Renaissance Doctoral Scholarship call for 2018 academic year. This scholarship will support Doctoral scholars from Africa and developing countries with scholarship funding per annum for a maximum of three (3) years to pursue full-time research training in South Africa.
The doctoral scholarships will be awarded under two funding instruments annually as follows: 
•         NRF - TWAS Doctoral Scholarship funding instrument: 20 scholars from developing countries outside Africa; and
•         NRF - TWAS African Renaissance Doctoral Scholarships funding instrument: 50 scholars from Africa.
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Please refer to the guide and framework document when completing the online application form at every step of the process.
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Should you have any queries with regards to the call requirements or application procedure, please contact:
•         Ms Tsibiso Mohlomi:  Project Leader – Human and Infrastructure Capacity Development (HICD). Telephone: 012 481 4315. E-mail:
•         Ms Lutanani Rambau: Professional Officer – Reviews and Evaluation: Telephone: 012 481 4208.  Email:
•         Mrs Zikhona Lose: Professional Officer - Grants Management and Systems Administration (GMSA). Telephone: 012 481 4365.  Email:
We would appreciate it if you could advertise the funding call and disseminate the information widely within your institution.

Meiring Naude Road
PO Box 2600
Pretoria, 0001
South Africa

    Pinky Matjeka
Liaison Officer: Support Desk
Grants Management and Systems Administration (GMSA)
Tel: +27 12 481 4072

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