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The greatest tribute that Planners can pay to former President, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, is to escalate the spatial transformation of our country.

Let us not forget that the struggle for freedom that Mandela fought for was essentially a struggle against forced removal, restriction of movement and segregated spatial planning. Planners operating under the apartheid system were responsible for designing and organizing our country into group areas. Every town and city in our country is racially segregated into White, Black, Colored and Indian areas separated by railway lines, roads or green buffer zones. Planners operating in the free dispensation that Mandela and his fellow generation of selfless leaders helped bring about have to deepen our commitment and dedication to the task of stitching together the spatial fabric of our towns, cities and rural areas.

Community Outreach

Section 42 of the Land Use Planning Ordinance No 15 of 1985 (LUPO) permits municipalities to impose conditions relating to the

payment of development contributions when approving new developments or granting increased use rights.

Presentation to the Board of the American Planning Association

By SAPI President, Yusuf Patel, 13 April 2013

 President of the American Planning Association,  Mitchell Silver
APA Board members

It can be immensely fulfilling and synergistic when networks of planners engaged in a common cause reach out across far away lands.

Debit Order System

SAPI membership now for as little as R59.00 per month

SAPI has introduced a monthly debit order system for all Corporate and Associate Members. Our aim is to ensure sustainability of the management functions and an easier billing and payment method for members. This is all part of our objective to improve services and to provide more benefits to members.  


Why Join SAPI

“SAPI is your organisation and enables you to:

  • Promote yourself as a member of a leading planning body and utilise the MSAPI (Member of SAPI) badge;
  • Be part of a knowledge sharing network by receiving key information via website and e-mail updates;
  • Receive a discount equivalent to your annual SAPI membership fees for the premier planning event in the South African calendar (Planning Africa conferences);

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Purpose & Aim

The purpose and aim of the South African Planning Institute (SAPI) is to enhance the art and science of sustainable local, regional and national human and physical development planning, and the theory and practise relating thereto:


  • to promote the profession of planning in South Africa;
  • to promote a high level of professionalism and ethical conduct in the broad interests


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