I am honoured to have been invited by President Nthato Minyuku to deliver a Keynote Address at SAPI’s Gala Dinner to commemorate its 20th Anniversary.
There is a very significant, possibly unintended, symbolism in the theme of this year’s Planning Africa Conference and the event that we commemorate this evening: “Making Sense of the Future – Disruption and Reinvention” – but I will return to that a little later in my address.

Why Join SAPI

“SAPI is your organisation and enables you to:

  • Promote yourself as a member of a leading planning body and utilise the MSAPI (Member of SAPI) badge;
  • Be part of a knowledge sharing network by receiving key information via website and e-mail updates;
  • Receive a discount equivalent to your annual SAPI membership fees for the premier planning event in the South African calendar (Planning Africa conferences);

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Purpose & Aim

The purpose and aim of the South African Planning Institute (SAPI) is to enhance the art and science of sustainable local, regional and national human and physical development planning, and the theory and practise relating thereto:


  • to promote the profession of planning in South Africa;
  • to promote a high level of professionalism and ethical conduct in the broad interests


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