Career Development

Career Development

What does a Planner do?

Planners – called amongst other things “Town Planners” and “Urban Planners” – manage the growth and change in our cities and regions; facilitate the preparation of integrated development plans for municipalities; facilitate the preparation of development strategies and policies for projects such as housing, economic and social development and the sustainable use of the environment; manage the use of land; and manage the shape of the built environment, through setting building parameters.

Planners are employed in both the private and public sector, with all spheres of government employing planners.

Who is a Planner?

Planning is controlled by statute, like all professions in South Africa, and planners are required by law to be registered with the South African Council for Planners.  The Planning Professions Act, 2002, defines what a planner does and recognises planners by allowing properly qualified and registered professional planners and properly qualified planning technicians to use the appropriate acronym behind their names.  Only people who have satisfied the statutory council can call themselves professional planners or planning technicians, and members of the public are encouraged to ensure that when obtaining the services of a planner, the person is properly registered.

In addition, SAPI is a voluntary association of planners, and has as its aim, the promotion of planning.  It also provides a valuable service to its members by ensuring that they remain informed about debates in the planning and development field.  It provides an important forum for debate and information sharing amongst planners, thereby ensuring that its members are effective and informed.

A Career in Planning

Planning is an exciting profession which deals constantly with the demands of growth and development in our municipalities.  As a planner you will be exposed to social, economic, environmental and other issues, and you will use your skills to unpack problems and to find visionary solutions in managing the development of our society.

How to become a Planner

University courses, both undergraduate and post-graduate, plus Technikon courses.
Further information about planning as a career, and about the accredited courses available in South Africa can be obtained from the SAPI National office.